The cold, and warmth, of December

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Hello, Write Edge readers. We’ve officially started the last month of the calendar year. Unfortunately, for my family, we start it with the loss of someone special. My 97-year-old grandfather proved himself to be a stalwart of circumstances — he escaped increasing tensions in Pakistan during the time of its partition from India — and of family. He didn’t hesitate to reprimand where necessary but was also always quick with a joke. I loved him dearly, even more for the fact that he was my last living grandparent.

Despite the coldness of losing a loved one, I choose to derive warmth from his example and from the outpouring of support from family and friends near and far. Somehow, in these colder months, that support means more.

I also have a renewed purpose to write and share my stories with the world. As this week’s motivational quote explains, we have to make the most of every opportunity and every moment available to us:

“Be bold. Shake it up. This is your opportunity to do something really special. The world does not need another mediocre book.”—Susan Breen, author, Maggie Dove series

As for this week’s short fiction, admittedly I struggled a little bit with it. For the first time in two weeks, I sat down to my computer today and wrote. My fingers are skittering across the keys a little, and the words don’t flow as well as they did before we got the news about my grandfather.

Also, I could have written about pain and loss, and I may yet still. But when I saw the writing prompt I eventually chose, I decided to try to find the joy in my writing again. I think I may have done that. This one is for you superhero fans, Marvel and DC comics alike:

The new members residents moved in, one at a time or in twos and threes. Most of them shifted into their new homes by cover of darkness. None of them wanted to engage in any awkward conversations with others. “Didn’t you used to respond to a signal in the sky?” “Were those bracelets really indestructible?” “Did the hammer have its own magic, or was it magic because you used to wield it?”

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Give a loved one a hug this week, readers, and stay warm.