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A vacation, a wedding, and a book release!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I know, I’m a day late. The kids are on spring break this week (more on that below,) which takes away some of my time to write. Also, some dear friends are planning a family wedding, and I volunteered to help. That took out another afternoon.

Plus (and most exciting of all) the Facebook writers group Authors’ Tale is having a book launch tomorrow! We’re holding the event from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., EDT. Click here for the awesome launch party for Authors’ Tale!

I’m going to be chatting with people from 12:30 to 1:00 EDT, some come over and hang out with us! The name of the book is Heart Of A Child, and it’s an anthology of short stories. There are 25 stories in the book, including mine called “The Dress”.

FB banner, quote from The Dress, for HOAC, March 2018


The stories range from serious to heart-wrenching to silly and sweet pieces. If you like to read at all, come hang out with the other authors and me and buy the book!

And now on to our regular content. First, this week’s short story. I read the prompt and thought I’d like to describe a common medical condition without naming it. Even the protagonist doesn’t know he’s suffering from it. Here’s an excerpt:

The eerie light that gave him enough vision to see his hands started freaking him out. And Ken never freaked out about stuff. That kinda thing was for pansies and losers. Ken wasn’t either.

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This week, neuroscientist and best-selling author Lisa Genova has a new book release. In Every Note Played she tackles ALS and what happens when a concert pianist gets the disease. Here’s the opening to my post.

A world-renowned musician receives a devastating medical diagnosis. As his condition deteriorates his estranged ex-wife becomes his caretaker, and the two of them reflect on their relationship as everything comes to an end. Author Lisa Genova brings all her scientific knowledge to illuminate yet another mystifying disease in the informative yet unsatisfying novel Every Note Played.

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Last, I have some fun spring break parenting adventures to share with all of you. It’s spring break Spurts! Here’s a snippet:

The next morning, she came down for school and looked at me over her cereal.

“Okay, let’s start brainstorming!”

For a minute I had no idea what she meant. When she explained, I worked hard at not rolling my eyes.

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Have a fantastic week, readers!