Road Out of Winter

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my latest book review for you. Today I share my thoughts on Road Out of Winter by author Alison Stine. Here’s the opening to my post:

After winter sets in prematurely, a young woman embarks on a journey to find her mother. Along the way she meets others who feel just as lost as she does. As they fight the elements and humanity, they face choices that test their mettle. Literary author Alison Stine uses her incredible talent for prose in a book that doesn’t move far, plot wise, in her latest novel Road Out of Winter.

Read the full review now on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

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New addition to Notes on Tuesday!

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Happy Tuesday, Write Edge readers! I know, strange to see me on a Tuesday. I apologize for not posting yesterday. It was a good day with a lot of tasks that got completed, but I couldn’t fit in the time to post my latest short story or this week’s motivational quote for you. Next week, I promise.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my latest addition to my semi-regular feature Notes on Tuesday. Last week I did another workshop for our local library, this time all about where to begin if you want to write short stories. Here are the abridged notes to the talk I did for you to read, study, and share. (They’re abridged only because I took out all of the chit-chat and some of the long examples I normally use in these workshops, for the sake of brevity.) If you’re interested in attending future workshops, let me know! I have another one coming up in next month on building characters, and if the library will have me back next year I’m sure I’ll do more for them.

Although my week has gotten off to a slow start here on the blog, I’m rolling full steam ahead for the rest of the week. That means a new book review tomorrow. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Alison Stine’s literary novel Road Out of Winter. Be sure to check that out on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Then on Friday it’s back to Instagram. Have you seen fall colors yet anywhere near you? I’ll try to scout some in and around town here in Central IL. We’ll find out together on Friday whether I was successful at finding anything! 😀

Have a great week, readers. And thoughts of strength and togetherness to those on the West Coast and the Gulf Coast as they battle the wildfires and hurricanes.

Stay healthy, stay hydrated, stay safe!