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Parenting adventures are back!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m back with my latest parenting post. Here’s a quick excerpt:

From the time the girls were too young to understand the words, I’ve made them repeat a particular sentence after me: Smart girls find a way to fix the problem. As they got older, I forced them to parrot it back like a call-and-response—“Smart girls do what?” I’d demand, and one or both would roll their eyes and intone, with flat words, “Find a way to fix the problem,” the syllables words drawn out to indicate how utterly sick and tired they were of having to repeat the adage.

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Also, my newest episode as host of Biblio Breakdown is out now! Get writing exercises and the idea of mood in your writing within the context of The Ancestor by Danielle Trussoni. Find the full episode here on The Writescast Network!

Have a lovely weekend, readers! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home, and stay hydrated. Don’t forget your masks!


New book review up!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m back with another book review. Today I share my thoughts on the recent release The Day She Came Back by veteran women’s fiction author Amanda Prowse. Here’s the opening to my review:

A teenager is left without any family after her last living relative dies. She’s shocked, then, when the mother she thought had died of a drug overdose comes back, healthy and very much alive. The teen must decide if she can forgive her mother for disappearing and figure out how to move on. Acclaimed women’s fiction author Amanda Prowse is back with another winning novel about grief and restarting relationships in The Day She Came Back.

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Also, another reminder for you writers out there looking for writing exercises. This Friday I’m back with another episode of Biblio Breakdown on The Writescast Network. I’m talking about the mood of a piece — how to set it and how to maintain it — within the context of The Ancestor by Danielle Trussoni. If you’re curious what the Biblio Breakdown might be, check out the last episode I did about patient storytelling within Where the Crawdads Sing. Then subscribe and mark your calendars for the newest episode!

Stay safe, stay home, and stay hydrated, readers!


Last week of July!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! Can you believe it’s already the last week of July? Even as we trudge through the challenges of a pandemic, we see that time doesn’t stay still.

For those of you following your hearts to pursue a life’s passion, you know that we don’t sit still either. Pandemic or not. To that end, a fun announcement about what I’ve been doing with my time in the last month or so. But more on that in a minute.

First, this week’s motivational quote. If you’ve ever wondered why it takes writers (or any artists, really) to create their works, one reason is because they spend a lot of time pondering a variety of things in life. There’s a method to that madness, though, as this week’s quote lets us know:

“A great writer is actually a great thinker, not just someone who can put words down on paper.”—David Flanagan, screenwriter/author

To that end, it’s the last Monday of the month–time for the writers’ showcase! These stories (and one haiku) definitely required a great deal of thought. Writers find themselves tumbling into all sorts of interesting spaces and times when they’re working on pieces. This month’s showcase takes us to familiar territory — a fairy tale — as well as unfamiliar — a visit with a wily octopus. Check out all the featured pieces for this month on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

In the middle of the week, I’ll share a brand new book review with you. Those of you who follow me on Instagram (or are checking out the thumbnails here on the main page) already know what book I’m going to feature (and how I felt about it :D.) This Wednesday I’ll give you my thoughts on Amanda Prowse’s The Day She Came Back. Check it out on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

And on Friday, it’s back to parenting adventures. With more of my focus going toward my career in writing and publishing, I’ve been steering The Write Edge toward sharing and exploring ideas in those arenas. Parenting posts, while fun (and cathartic many times,) have taken a back seat. I’m sure many of you regular readers of Growth Chart have noticed.

Parenting is an active, daily pursuit. Writing about it can’t always be, especially if I want to focus on getting published and staying in touch with the amazing #writingcommunity. That’s why I’m paring Growth Chart back to one post a month on the last Friday. This will give me time to plan and do the posts justice; it’ll also go a long way toward getting that arm of The Write Edge blogs back on track. So, yes, a new parenting post on this Friday on Growth Chart!

Also debuting this Friday: my second episode as the new host of Biblio Breakdown, the book analysis podcast that also gives writers some exercises they can do to mine their own work. This Friday I’m going to take you through The Ancestor by Danielle Trussoni. If you’re on a mobile device, you can open this link to the podcast collective and check out the last episode  as well as all the other amazing content that author/creator r.r. campbell has put together. I’ll definitely be reminding you about this one, readers, make no mistake. Be sure to come back for that on Friday!

And, lastly, my weekly soapbox. Please keep one another safe. Wear masks in public. Stay socially distant. Stay home if you’re not buying essentials. This seems like a hard thing, but you know what’s even harder? Losing a loved one and not being by their side when they take their last breaths.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay hydrated.

Have a good week, readers!