The Write Edge in Action

In addition to my writing on The Write Edge, below you’ll be able to find links to my recent work as a writer, an editor, and a book reviewer.

My flash fiction, “Postcards to Send,” was named a finalist in the quarterly writing prompt contest held by Brilliant Flash Fiction (March 2017.) The prompt was “overseas travel.”



Award-winning author Bette Lee Crosby has allowed me the great privilege of line editing her book, Spare Change.  Check out the book on Amazon here.


Dr. Liz Hardy has offered those new to online learning a handy book called E-learning 101.  You can read my full review of the book here, but here’s a quick excerpt from Dr. Hardy’s site:


Irish author Paul Kestell allowed me the honor of doing line edits on his second novel, Wood Point, which is now available on Amazon. Paul has received a good review of the book so far, which I share here, and he graciously said I had a part in helping him receive this positive attention.


Award-winning author and writer friend Bette Lee Crosby graciously allowed me to be a guest columnist on her site recently.  I offered my thoughts on the necessity–and the audacity–of an editor.


This link will take you to and my review of the delightful children’s book Sardoodledom:  A Spelling Bee Tale.


The following link takes you to The Bollywood Ticket and an in-depth look at the experience of being an “NRI”–non-resident Indian–and a Bollywood fan.


This next link takes you to ABCDlady, an online ‘zine (now defunct) for South Asian women.  This is my review of the DVD release of the blockbuster Hindi film, Taare Zameen Par (“Like Stars on Earth.”)


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