Solve Your Publishing Problems

Hello!  My name is Ekta Garg, and I am the creator of this blog, The Write Edge.  As a publishing professional, you may be looking for the next writer or editor to join your team.  Why should you come to The Write Edge for your publishing solutions?

Because I am a writer and editor with a passion for the written word.  From my experience in my teens as a spelling bee champion to my first job as a professional writer and editor, words to me are essential even in this fast-paced world.  I have been trained in one of the best journalism schools in the country–the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  My talent, passion, and drive have been honed to offer any employer the best in efficiency and organization.


In my first job I was the editor of and one of the writers for the premier medical newspaper in the Portland, Ore., area.  Within six months of my joining that position, I doubled the page count of the newspaper from a minimum of eight pages per issue to 16 to 20 pages per issue.

Along with running the medical newspaper, I simultaneously handled other special-project publications, including home show magazines for the Portland Home Builders Association, the magazine section in the center of the Gresham, Ore., Chamber of Commerce directory, and a special multicultural magazine (of which I was the sole writer and editor) designed to attract professional groups of various ethnicities to Portland.

I’ve had experience writing for and editing a variety of publications.  As a writer and editor for (now defunct,) I worked with other writers and editors to construct this monthly online magazine for South Asian women.   I wrote features for the magazine, and links to some of those are in “The Write Edge in Action”.  I also worked closely with the writers of the Parenting and Wellness departments to formulate story ideas and develop and polish ongoing stories.

In addition to working for the team, I worked for The Bollywood Ticket.  Another Medill alum started this excellent online resource for new Bollywood fans, and as her Associate Editor I reviewed films, offered my thoughts on the industry, and worked closely with the editor to try to increase the website’s online presence.  Samples of my work for The Bollywood Ticket also can be found in “The Write Edge in Action”.

Two years ago I joined as a professional book reviewer, offering my thoughts and analysis of forthcoming book releases, a sample of which you can read, once again, in “The Write Edge in Action” above.

Most recently I have become a regular columnist for the well-known South Asian magazine The International Indian, a resource for non-resident Indians (NRIs) that deals with the issues common to the Indian diaspora.  Every issue of this bi-monthly magazine features my column, “Desi Girl in an American World” detailing my thoughts and experiences of growing up in the United States as the child of immigrant parents.

In addition to everything else, I help writers by editing their short stories and novels in preparation for publication.  Writers also come to me for what I call a “manuscript assessment,” a detailed document I draw up after carefully reading and analyzing a writer’s manuscript.  The manuscript assessment tackles plot, character, story arc, and other details of writing.  You can find more information about what services I offer here.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with many talented writers.  Here is what some of them have to say about my work.


I welcome the chance to try something new by considering unique opportunities in the publishing world.  I know I have the skills needed to enhance any publication and add to it a fresh voice. If you’ve been looking for the next writer/editor of your publication, you’ve found that person.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me via this blog.  I look forward to it!


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