New Instagram pics!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I have new Instagram pics up and exciting news to share through them. This week I’m attending the UW-Madison Writers’ Institute conference and got recognized! I also had a fight with my dental floss, but, you know. Priorities. 😀

Check me out on Instagram with my handle @Ektargarg. Have a fantastic weekend, readers!



Book review now up!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I spent half the day traveling to come to the Writers’ Institute here in Madison, Wisconsin, which starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet new writing friends this week!

In the meantime, I’ve finally posted this week’s book review. I’m sharing my thoughts today on Fallen Princeborn: Stoleby Jean Lee. Here’s the opening to my review:

On the way to their new life, a high school senior and her younger sister encounter strange creatures. When the younger sister gets kidnapped, the teen won’t let unchartered territory deter her rescue efforts. Author Jean Lee brings to life a world hidden in rural Wisconsin in the fairly enjoyable but slightly problematic novel Fallen Princeborn: Stolen.

Check out my full review here!

Have a fantastic week, readers!


Happy April!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! No, the late post is not an April Fool’s prank. I just got caught up with all sorts of other things today. Plus, I had to let today’s writing prompt simmer a little bit in the back of my brain as I pursued said other things. So simmer it did, and now I’m ready to present you with this week’s short story, which, I hope, is at least semi-baked (if not fully. :>)

Before that, however, this week’s motivational quote. I can relate to this one this week especially, because when I chose the writing prompt I wasn’t sure what would happen when I splayed my fingers on my keyboard. Artistic endeavors are like that. Sometimes you initiate a project with a clear plan in mind. Other times? Not so much:

“True confession time: I never know where a book is going. If I knew where I was going, I’d get bored out of my mind and stop writing.”—Jane Lindskold, sci-fi/fantasy author

As I mentioned, I’ve posted this week’s short fiction. Take a gander at the excerpt:

I looked at Sandra. Her hands covered her mouth, pressed against it as if she wanted to keep all the bad thoughts and ideas from spewing out. The tears hadn’t stopped, though.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

In the middle of the week, I’ll post the book review I promised for last week. On Wednesday, find out what I thought about Fallen Princeborn: Stolen by Jean Lee. Come back in two days for that review on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Lastly, it’s an Instagram week! I’m still fumbling my way through the Insta-world but starting to like it more. And this week is going to be really fun, because I’m attending the 30th annual Writers’ Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. So I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pics to share from the conference (and hopefully not making a total fool out of myself by pointing my phone everywhere.) Come back on Friday for those pics, and catch up with my previous pics in the meantime!

Have a great day and week, readers!