Notes on Tuesday

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to give talks on writing and writing-related subjects, and I’m thrilled to share the abbreviated notes from these talks with you here. Feel free to use them as your own source of inspiration or to share them with friends. Here’s to making writing dreams come true!

Talks in 2020

January 2020: Setting Goals and Keeping Them

July 2020: Perfecting Your Prose

September 2020: How to Begin A Short Story

June/October 2020: Developing Characters Using the 5 Ws and H

Talks in 2021

August 2021: From Novice to Novelist

September 2021: Choosing Your Theme

October 2021: Crafting Dynamic Dialogue

Talks in 2022

April 2022: Finding Your Voice

October 2022: Pacing and Point of View