I have had the great fortune and honor to work with some really talented people in my various roles during my career so far.  Some of them have kindly offered a few words on my abilities and what I can bring to a new employer/publication.  Thank you to everyone who provided the testimonials here!  I hope to make you proud with my continued work.


“I initially came to know Ekta as a reviewer. After reading my novel Cracks in the Sidewalk she gave a glowing commentary on the story but tactfully pointed out the need for better editing. Ekta’s remarks were spot on and led me to the conclusion that she was absolutely correct in her assessment of the book.  Since then, Ekta has re-edited Cracks in the Sidewalk and gone on to edit every book I have written.

Ekta’s editing skills are beyond comparison. She manages to smooth out sentences, eliminate grammatical errors, and zero in on story inconsistencies without ever disturbing the feel and personality of the characters.  Yes, Ekta is a wonderful editor, but given her ability to see and feel the heart of a story, I believe in the foreseeable future she will also be recognized for her own writing.

The added extra in working with Ekta is that she is thorough, prompt, dependable and an absolute delight to work with. I consider myself fortunate that our paths crossed early in my career.”

Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today Bestselling Author of Spare Change


“I would have to put the discovery of Ekta near the top of my list of fortuitous events in my writing career.  I wanted someone who could do the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, but I really wanted more.  I wanted someone who could get to the heart of my novel and help me sort out the character development and plotting without inserting their own voice or erasing mine.

Ekta was able to do that with aplomb.  She can correct the most basic of errors without making me feel like an errant child. We can also dig deep into a character or a scene and find its core. Her suggestions on improving the novel were right on, even though I sometimes didn’t see it right away.  The more I worked with her the more I realized she didn’t have her ego wrapped up in my words. She was an objective yet passionate observer of my effort, and I found that to be a wonderfully helpful perspective.

Having the right editor can make the writer’s job much easier, and for me Ekta was and is the perfect solution.”

William Burton, author, Ockham’s Razor


“As a public relations professional, I have found Ekta Garg to be one of the most gifted and professional editors I have ever worked with.  She is consistently responsive, diligent, insightful, supportive and most gracious and always shows her appreciation for client articles and interview ideas. Ekta is truly an exceptional and dedicated editor and communicator and is a joy to work with. Any organization would be fortunate to have her on board.”

Bela Friedman, Bela Friedman Public Relations


“Ekta’s sharp mind and lively writing make her an editor’s dream. But her best quality is her doggedness–her perseverance is unmatched. She doesn’t rest until every question is answered, every need addressed, and every challenge tackled. And the final product always meets the exacting standards she sets for herself.”

Jennifer Hopfinger, Web Editor, Creator and Editor-in-Chief of The Bollywood Ticket at thebollywoodticket.com


“I ran ABCDlady, an online magazine for South Asian women for six years and Ekta Garg was one of my editors.  Ekta is an incredibly thorough editor.  Her passion for doing a good job show[ed] in her back and forth with our writers and in the finished product.  I would work with Ekta again if given the opportunity and would recommend her for any writing or editing job.”

Navdeep Kathuria, Editor-in-Chief, ABCDlady at www.abcdlady.com


“We writers should be lucky enough to meet an editor able to read between our lines.  A person with language skills to accommodate our voice. One who appreciates the value of words.   Ekta Garg is made of the stuff every writer dreams of.  I highly suggest those reading this [to] utilize her services as I will for all future writings.”

Eveline Horelle Dailey, Author of Lessons from the Lakeside


“Ekta Garg is a fine writer as well as a talented editor, which is an uncommon combination in a single individual. She is simply an outstanding communicator, period: as an editor, she consistently ensures that the customer or publisher is satisfied and lets her writers know that they are appreciated. Ekta represents clients well by reaching out to the community and establishing good relations with the target audience.”

Cliff Collins, Portland-area freelance writer since 1984


“Ekta’s passion for writing and attention to detail showed as [her role of] editor for some of my writing. Her feedback was insightful, honest, and to-the-point while supportive.”

Pria Acharya Ingrum, Marketing Consultant, Writer, priaingrum.com


“Ekta has just edited my novel and also a short story. I found her work to be of the highest quality–I found her to be diligent and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Ekta is a really brilliant editor who gives her clients confidence that their work is in safe hands. I recommend Ekta to all writers who are looking for a top quality editor. She is brilliant!”

Paul Kestell, Author of Wood Point


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