Hire me as your editor!

Welcome to The Write Edge!

As a writer myself, I know and value the work of good editors. I started my career as one, after all, and I find it to be a key element in my writing arsenal. By editing for others, I’ve found myself being a little more objective about my own work.

I believe with my whole heart that we each have an obligation to use our talents and skills to help one another. For me this means using my editing and writing skills to help other writers get better in the craft. Helping you improve your story is my first priority, and I’m always happy to answer questions — even if you decide to go with another editor.

Here’s a quick rundown of my training and experience:

I graduated in 2002 with a master’s in magazine publishing (an MSJ) from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. In my first job I was the editor of and one of the writers for the premier medical newspaper in the Portland, Ore., area produced by Pamplin Media Group. Within six months of my joining that position, I doubled the page count of the newspaper from eight pages per issue to 16 pages per issue (and we even hit 20 pages a few times! Anyone who’s worked as an editor knows what it means to fill extra pages with content.)

Along with running the medical newspaper, I simultaneously handled other special-project publications, including home show magazines for the Portland Home Builders Association, the magazine section in the center of the Gresham, Ore., Chamber of Commerce directory, and a special multicultural magazine (of which I was the sole writer and editor) designed to attract professional groups of various ethnicities to Portland. I’ve had experience writing for and editing a variety of other publications, including those covering the South Asian diaspora as well as lovers of Bollywood films. My book reviews also are regularly featured on Bookpleasures.com.

In my eight years as a freelance editor, I’ve had the good fortune to work with many talented writers, and I’ve met so many others. I edit fiction and nonfiction manuscripts; it’s my way to contribute to the publishing community and to elevate writers and their words. I offer a free sample edit, so be sure to ask for that if you want to see what kind of work I do. Find more information about what services I offer here.

Thank you for considering me as your editor. I look forward to hearing from you!


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