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Changing with the seasons

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! The seasons have begun to transition here in Illinois, and our extended summer is bowing out in haste to make way for fall (I hope it’s fall; I’m not quite ready to welcome winter yet!) As the seasons change, so do our perspectives. Sometimes, when we experience a major life event, a change like this is a good one.

To that end I’ve posted this week’s motivational quote. Anyone who knows me well will agree when I say I’m an optimist, so this week’s inspirational words shouldn’t surprise them. Find the quote now on “A Writer’s Heartbeats.”

I’ve also posted this week’s fiction. It’s a flash piece, so that means no excerpts here. It also means a fast read. :> Check it out now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

In the middle of the week I’ll have two book reviews ready for you. The first is a book that caught my eye when I went to the library last week. It’s called The Windfall and is by Diksha Basu. The second book is The Eye of the North and is by Sinead O’Hart. You’ll find my thoughts on both books on The Write Edge Bookshelf this Wednesday.

I won’t post writing prompts this Thursday because next week we’ll get to enjoy a brand new writers showcase, but I will definitely be posting a new Growth Chart on Friday.

Have a great day and week, readers!



Moving past regret

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Hello, Write Edge readers. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about regret in the last week. For those of you keeping up with my posts, particularly particularly last week’s Growth Chart, you’ll know why regret as a concept has been swirling around in my mind. I’ve had some time and distance from the incident that put me on this contemplative path, and I realize that regret is a part of life. It’s inevitable. So maybe all we can do is strive to make the right choices every day and accept whatever regret may come along with those choices. For more on this idea, check out this week’s motivational quote.

I’ve also posted this week’s short story for you, and, again, the characters think and deal with regret. It’s an interesting subject, really, and one that can surprise us even when we think we have a handle on it. Here’s an excerpt:

He twisted the wedding ring I’d put on his finger less than two decades go. “I just…I can’t believe you left me. Do you have any idea how hard this is?”

Of course I did. Just because I didn’t spend every waking—well, okay, every minute with him now didn’t mean I had no clue to his circumstances.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop.

In the middle of the week I’ll share a book review of a story that has fascinated people for more than a century. Some might say it, too, should be a tale of regret, although the mystery is to this day still so tightly woven that no one can say for sure. Come back in the middle of the week to find out what I thought of See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt. You’ll find that review on The Write Edge Bookshelf this Wednesday.

On Thursday I’ll post writing prompts for next week’s short fiction, and at the end of the week it’s back to parenting adventures on Growth Chart.

Have a wonderful week, readers!


Parenting experiences now posted

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Hello, Write Edge readers. I’ve posted my latest Growth Chart for you. Here’s an excerpt:

She looked at me but didn’t say anything. I think she just wanted confirmation that I wasn’t feeding her a parent line, that I meant what I said. Something in my face must have given her the reassurance she needed, because she scampered back to her place on the sofa.

Read all of these special Spurts now on Growth Chart.

Thank you for reading this week, readers. Have a good weekend, and, please, do everything you can to stay safe.