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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my latest parenting adventure for you. Here’s a quick excerpt:

More than anything, I tried to soothe away my hurt with a good shampoo and rinse. Because it did hurt. Yes, I’m Thirteen and Eleven’s mother, but I’m also a person. I have likes and dislikes as much as anyone else. I have thoughts and opinions, hobbies and interests.

I have feelings.

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On the road again…

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m writing this blog post from the car. Still a little incredible that I can reach all of you from inside a moving vehicle (don’t worry, I’m not driving. I’m talented, but even my talents have their limits. :>) Our family traveled for this long weekend to Chicago and are on the way back.

Visiting the city always makes me think about my time there as a graduate student, and sometimes I can’t help wonder what my life would have been like if it had taken a different turn at one point or another. The possibilities; the challenges. The hopes and dreams that might have come from those alternate lives.

It’s one reason why I love my career in this creative field. Through my characters and their life choices, I have the opportunity to experience modes of life that I would never encounter otherwise. Those of you who also follow artistic paths know what I’m talking about.

To that end, here’s this week’s motivational quote:

“I write because I want to have more than one life.”—Anne Tyler

I’ve also posted this week’s short fiction. Because I went with micro fiction this week, I’m not going to give you an excerpt. I would, however, encourage you to check it out on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

On Wednesday I’ll share a brand new book review with you. Last week saw the release of the thriller I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll. Find out what I thought of the book in a couple of days on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Finally, at the end of the week, I’ll post a new segment in my parenting adventures. Find out more on Friday on Growth Chart!

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The latest Growth Spurts!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my latest Growth Spurts for you. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“She gets down here before me,” Thirteen said, “and yet we’re still late for school.”

I suppressed a knowing grin. “This is exactly what it was like when you were in sixth grade. That’s why I yelled so much. And then I stopped yelling.”

“Yeah,” she said in that half-teasing voice of hers, “because now your favorite child’s in sixth grade.”

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