Instagram and a book review (about my writing)

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Good evening, Write Edge readers! I hope you’re safe and warm. We’re almost ready to crack open some pizza boxes with good friends, but I knew I couldn’t let the weekend start without saying hello to all of you. :>

First, a book review, but this time it’s about my writing instead of one I’ve written. Several months ago, I had the good fortune to be published in the multi-genre anthology Elemental Tales by the Facebook writing group Stone Soup. Here’s one of the most recent reviews, which mentions my story, “Washed Clean”, by name. If you haven’t checked out the collection, please do so and leave a review as well. Reviews, positive and negative, all help writers gain visibility. Check out the review on Curled Up With a Good Book  out of the U.K.!

And, of course, my Instagram pics. Find out what I got for Christmas! (Yes, I know it isn’t Christmas yet. :D) Check out the latest posts with my handle, @EktaRGarg, or on my Facebook author page where you can find other fun stuff too.

Have a wonderful weekend, readers! (Now it’s time for pizza!)