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Some good, some sad, but we move on

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Hello, Write Edge readers. My day started with the sad news of the death of a beloved person in my extended family. This part of “growing up,” I think, is the hardest: losing those who we loved and who loved us so much. But we have to move on; life and the day don’t give us many choices beyond that.

To that end, today’s entry for the Workshop is for my late aunt and the others I’ve lost in recent times. It’s the first Monday of the month, so that means haiku and I wrote today’s poem with great care and intention. Find it now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop.

One of the things that helps a little is to keep moving forward with routine things. That includes the schedule here on the blog. To that end, this Wednesday I’ll share my review of the new novel The Second Ending by Michelle Hoffman. Come back in the middle of the week to get the full scoop on what I thought of the book.

At the end of the week, it’s back to Instagram and bits and pieces of my writing and non-writing life. Find previous posts on Insta with my handle, @EktaRGarg, or by visiting my Facebook author page.

I did get one piece of good news this weekend. Reader Views has given In the Heart of the Linden Wood a five-star review. Read it here to see what reviewer Michaela Gordoni had to say about the book. If you haven’t ordered your autographed copy of this fairy tale for grownups now, go to my author website to do just that.

Thank you, as always, for your support, readers. It means the world to me, especially in troubled times. Also, hug your loved ones. Call them. Tell them you care. You never know when that opportunity will be gone forever.