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Surprise: It’s me!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! As promised, here’s my surprise: It’s an interview with yours truly! Earlier this week I got the opportunity to talk to Hank Garner, a wonderful supporter of writers and writing. He asked me some fun questions about this amazing craft, and I got to share some thoughts on it. Click here to hear the interview, and subscribe to Hank’s podcast!

To kick off our regular block of content, I’m sharing a new short story with you that’s partially inspired by a true one. Recently I completed an editing project for a gentleman who has been diagnosed with dementia. As I worked on the first memoir he sent me and am mulling over the second one now on my desk, I often think of what his experience must have been like in writing. Based on that, I wrote this week’s piece. Here’s an excerpt:

The days began to race by, but time and again he could have sworn he had already lived through a particular day. Could have sworn he’d already been to the doctor, had already eaten his dinner (but why was his stomach growling then?), had planted the rosebush (someone must have stolen it, that was the only explanation for the hole in the ground.)

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I have a new book review for you. This week I share my thoughts on the middle grade novel Captain Superlative by debut novelist J.S. Puller. Here’s the opening to my post:

A seventh grade girl who wants nothing more than to remain unseen gets pulled into the spotlight by a classmate with a secret identity. As the girl begins to face her anxiety, she learns that bravery doesn’t mean an absence of fears: it means moving ahead despite them. Debut author J.S. Puller gives middle grade readers an endearing story in the funny, touching novel Captain Superlative.

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Last, but certainly not least, my adventures in parenting continue! This week I’ve got new Spurts for you. Check out this quick look:

I suppressed a smile of my own. It’s a line straight out of my own mouth, on those mornings when the girls wouldn’t move fast enough because they would dilly-dally before school. They’ve gotten much better about it, so the frequency of the “talks” has decreased dramatically. Sometimes, though, they still happen.

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Surprise coming this week!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I wanted to post my content today, but when I got word of a surprise I’ll get to share with you on Wednesday I thought it best to wait until then. So hang in there for a couple of more days. You’ll get the regular Write Edge content plus a fun surprise all at the same time. :>

Talk to you Wednesday!


Spring, just in time for summer :>

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Hello, Write Edge readers! We’ve finally entered spring here in Central Illinois and not a moment too soon. I thought we wouldn’t get there until summer break. :>

I’m starting to like posting everything on a Monday. It’s a wonderful way to start the week, and it gives me a full seven days to prepare everything for all of you. Eventually I’d like to go back to having posts ready first thing in the day as before, but I’m working my way back to that.

In the meantime, I’m sharing links with you for this week’s content. First, this week’s new fiction. It turned out incredibly short, so I’ll just share a quick snippet.

Crisis averted.

For today.

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Science fiction author Sylvain Neuvel brings his trilogy The Themis Files to a close with the release tomorrow of Only Human. Does the third book do justice to the series? Here’s the opening to my review:

After spending almost a decade on another planet, two scientists and a teenager come back to Earth only to find that the problems they thought they helped solve have gotten worse. Now they must fight time, opposing forces, and even one another to prevent another world war. Author Sylvain Neuvel brings his trilogy, The Themis Files, to an elegant, albeit bittersweet, end in the third book Only Human.

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Finally, I’ve posted some brand new parenting adventures for you. Here’s a peek at this week’s Spurts:

Eleven was intrigued by the premise—two sisters spend their lives competing over everything, including a husband—but Nine started complaining the minute we chose the movie.

“I think you’ll really like this one,” I whispered in her ear.

Her face folded into doubt. “Why?”

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Have a lovely week, readers!