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Big news coming!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! For my U.S. followers, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week with lots of good food and time with friends and family. Now more than ever I think we need to focus on the blessings we all have.

One of the biggest blessings in my life is a fantastic publisher. I’m so thrilled that Atmosphere Press is bringing my second book baby into the world, and I finally have news to share: a release date and a cover! But you’ll have to wait a little while longer to get both. Just know they’re coming soon!

In the meantime, it’s the last Monday of the month, which means our monthly writers’ showcase. Check out what pieces caught my eye this month from around the web. Find them now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

On Wednesday I’ll share my newest book review with you. This week marks the debut of Mindy Kaling’s Book Studio in partnership with Amazon, and the first book to drop from the studio is The Vibrant Years by Sonali Dev. I’ll let you know what I thought of the novel on The Write Edge Bookshelf in the middle of the week.

And Friday we go back to Instagram posts and what’s going on in my writing/non-writing life. Among other things, this month I’m going to share some of my favorite posts from The Truth About Elves, so be on the lookout for that. If you haven’t read it or want your own copy, check out more information now on my author website and come back to Insta at the end of the week for more fun posts.

Bonus! Recently the digital literary magazine Unstamatic did a crazy thing: they put out a call for subs in which they promised to accept everything that came in. The result? A lit mag issue that includes 400 pieces. My short story in free verse, “The Gold-Blooded Seamstress,” is also featured, so give it a read and let me know what you think, and then take advantage of Unstamatic’s “wheel” to read other pieces at random.

Take care of each other and yourselves, readers, and perform an act of kindness for a stranger this week. Have a great one!



A week of gratitude

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Hello, Write Edge readers! To those of you who live in the United States, a happy Thanksgiving week. I wish all of you time with those who you love most and a few moments this week to reflect on what you most appreciate. Self-care is necessary, and I believe it starts with a little bit of gratitude for what you have in life. So do take a little time out to think about those things and people.

I have my short fiction for you this week. I started 2022 with a commitment to write more micro fiction and shorter flash fiction, but occasionally my flash hovers closer to the 1000-word mark. Today’s story falls in that camp, and I’m considering continuing it in December (after next week’s writer showcase.) Here’s an excerpt:

He liked the word “finagle.” Liked how it sounded exactly like what it meant. He’d learned it in school only the week before, and the sounds had worked their way into his brain. Maybe it would be easy to do it too.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

I promised you a review last week of Jessica Vitalis’s book The Wolf’s Curse, and I’ll have that for you this Wednesday. Find that on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

I’ll also have all of the installments of Thursday R.E.A.D.s up. This month I chose to take a deeper dive into Stephen King’s newest book Fairy Tale. I finished it this morning, and I can’t wait to share even more of my thoughts with you. Check out what I thought of the book as an Editor, Author, and a Dreamer, all on this Thursday back on The Bookshelf.

Finally, Instagram at the end of this week. I have an exciting image to share with all of you, and it most definitely has something to do with my next book coming from Atmosphere Press. I can’t wait for this book to be out in the world, and soon enough I’ll be giving you more details on it. Check out my Instagram for those details with my handle, @EktaRGarg, at the end of this week.

Take care of each other and yourselves, readers, and perform an act of kindness for a stranger this week!


Lots of good stuff coming…!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m so excited — today I signed off the final cover of my new book, In the Heart of the Linden Wood. In or two weeks, I’ll be holding a proof copy of it in my hands. I can’t believe this book will soon be out in the world for all of you to read!

In the meantime, of course, we roll on here at The Write Edge. First up is this week’s short story. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Now she just heard whispers above her head somewhere. And her eyes felt like concrete weighed them down. Those whispers held an urgency and words cradled in tones of despair, but she couldn’t open her eyes. It was almost as if her entire body were pressed under that solidity.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

Last week on Instagram I shared the book for this week’s review. I won a paperback copy of The Wolf’s Curse by Jessica Vitalis on Twitter, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the middle grade novel on Wednesday. Find out what I thought of it on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

I missed posting last week’s Thursday R.E.A.D.s, but I’ll have the second and third installments up this week. Find out what I thought of Stephen King’s Fairy Tale as both an Editor and an Author on Thursday right back on The Write Edge Bookshelf.

And, finally, on Friday it’s back to Instagram and sharing fun pictures of my writing/publishing/reading life as well as what I’m doing in other parts of my day. I already know of a couple of things I’ll be sharing with you for sure. See previous posts on Instagram with my handle, @EktaRGarg, or on my Facebook author page.

Take care of each other, readers, and perform an act of kindness for someone this week!