Welcome, May!

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Good evening, Write Edge readers! We’ve sprung into the month of May, and I don’t know about your house, but ours gets busy at this time of year. We’re gearing up for an 8th grade graduation at the end of this month, and plans are in full swing for a Sweet 16 this summer. Also, when it comes to writing, I’m working hard every day to complete a good draft of my latest work to send to my publisher, Atmosphere Press. Life is a little on high speed right now, but it’s good too.

We have a full week this week! First up, this week’s short story. Here’s the excerpt for you:

Yes, she wrote. It’s time for me to let go and for you to earn what is rightfully yours.

Read the whole thing now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

Next, in the middle of the week, I’ll share with you my review of Chris Hauty’s newest political thriller, Storm Rising, due out tomorrow. It’s the third installment in the Hayley Chill series, and I’ll let you know on Wednesday whether it measures up to the first two. Look for that review on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

This week I’ll also jump into the second Thursday R.E.A.D.s of the year. Want to know what book I’ll be diving deeper into? Find out on Thursday also on the Bookshelf.

Then on Friday, we go back to Instagram and a few snapshots — literally — of my life. Check out older photos with my handle, @EktaRGarg, on Instagram, or go to my Facebook author page (where you’ll also find other cool stuff exclusive to FB.)

Have a lovely week, readers! Take care of each other and then yourselves!


April showers bring…

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! We’ve had quite the wet start to this month of April. They say April showers bring May flowers, but right now all they’re bringing is a lot of mud. 😀

In any case, mud or not, you know you can always come to The Write Edge for our regular content! First up, this week’s short story. I’ve been revising my fairy tale novel, prepping it to send to my publisher, so I decided to write a little something from the point of view of one of the characters. Here’s an excerpt from this week’s short story:

I couldn’t bear to watch as my father hanged for a crime he did not commit, but I was forced to collect his personal effects later.

Read the whole thing now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

Next is this week’s book review. Australian author Sally Hepworth is back with her latest novel, The Younger Wife, that releases tomorrow. Find out what I thought about it on Wednesday on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Lastly, we’re back to Instagram. I’ll share some photos of my recent travels to Washington, DC, as well as what I’m reading for next week’s book review, and more. Check out older posts with my handle on Insta, @EktaRGarg, or on my Facebook author page.

Take care of each other and then yourselves, readers!


Pi(e)s and ides and lots of green

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Hello, Write Edge readers! This is something of an unusual week indeed. It’s Pi Day today, which really should be about math but gives people an excuse to chow down on their favorite pastry-filled item (most of us here in the States eat sweet pies; other countries often serve savory ones too.) Then we have tomorrow, the Ides of March. Do be careful, friends. Later this week, we also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Lots to keep us busy this week!

I also have some fun content. First this week’s short story. I know I started the year by saying I would focus on micro fiction, but this one encouraged me to keep going just a little longer. Here’s the excerpt:

One of the men closest to her guffawed with laughter. “You think you’re going to convince Harvey to do it?”

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

Next is the book review for this week. In case you missed the #bookreviewpreview on Instagram on Friday, this Wednesday I’ll share my thoughts on The Heights by Louise Candlish. Find out what I thought of this thriller in the middle of the week on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Finally (speaking of Instagram,) we’ll go back to pictures on Friday. Find out what I’m reading for next week’s book review by looking for #bookreviewpreview and see what else I’m up to in my reading/writing life (as well as the other things I do when I’m not in the studio pounding away on my keyboard. :D)

Take care of each other and yourselves, readers!