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Good morning, Write Edge readers! So it’s a different formula this week — I posted my content yesterday but didn’t get a chance to tell all of you readers here. [Sighs a little] Still working out the kinks in this new schedule and still trying to decide how I like it. On the plus side, I’m pursuing some interesting writing and am working on some cool editing projects too. Or both, in the case of Heart of a Child by Authors’ Tale. Definitely check it out; there’s something for everyone in the book!

As I said, I posted my regular content for this week. Since yesterday was the first Thursday of the month, I took a break from my own weekly fiction and put together a new writers showcase. The piece I share this week offer all sorts of opportunities for introspection as well as laughter. Check out the April writers showcase now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

I also shared my latest book review yesterday. This week I offer my thoughts on the upcoming release After Anna by thriller writer Lisa Scottoline. Here’s the opening to my review:

A woman reunites with the infant daughter she gave up years earlier only to go through the pain of losing her in a murder. Worse, her husband is accused of the crime, and she must decide who to believe and who to condemn. Author Lisa Scottoline rushes through the essential points of a thriller and spends too much time on salacious details in her latest book After Anna.

Find the review now on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Lastly, the blog may take a week off, but parenting never does. I shared my newest adventure in being a mom yesterday. Check out the following excerpt:

It’s a horrible answer, I know. It doesn’t really explain anything, and it offers absolutely no comfort. I used up all the platitudes in my arsenal last year … and I’m completely out.

Read the whole post on Growth Chart!