Back to my desk this week…

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Hello, Write Edge readers! As you may have guessed from me missing the last two Fridays of posting, I’m still on vacation. However, I get back to my desk this week. I must confess, I do miss it just a little. All the space to spread out books and my day planners and ideas.

The second best part about a vacation with family (the family being the first best part) is the rejuvenation a person experiences. I’m coming back with my creative spirit replenished, and I can’t wait to see where that takes me next.

In publishing news, I’ve sent my novella to the publisher for proofreading. Eeek! As soon as I get closer to a cover reveal and a publication date, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’re on to our weekly schedule. I just posted my latest short fiction. Here’s a quick excerpt for you:

She sighed. They’d gone around and around on this for the last ten days. The whole conversation just made her tired now.

“You didn’t answer my original question,” she said.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

On Wednesday, I have a brand new book review for you. This week sees the release of Amanda Prowse’s newest novel Waiting to Begin. Come back in the middle of the week to find out what I thought about it. Check it out on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Finally, on Friday, it’s Instagram — really! I’ve got a few pictures from vacation and will also update you on everything else writing (and not) from my corner of the world. Check out older posts using my handle, @EktaRGarg.

As always, readers, find out about the vaccine and get it. Wear a mask if you feel like it’s necessary. Show a stranger some kindness today.

Have a fantastic week!


New book review up (and returning to normal life)

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Here’s something I’d almost forgotten how to say: I spent part of yesterday traveling. I’m here in sunny South Carolina to visit my parents and my hometown. Who knew that such a small activity — going from one city to another — could create this semblance of normalcy?

In any case, as you clearly see, I didn’t post on Monday because I was doing all those thousands of things we feel compelled to do before we go away. However, I’m here for you today with a brand new book review. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the latest release from women’s fiction author Colleen Oakley. Here’s the opening to my post:

A young woman becomes a widow, and all of the town’s inhabitants go along with her delusion that her husband is still alive. When a journalist comes to the island searching for a story, he discovers one he never saw coming. Author Colleen Oakley offers warmth, romance, genuine affection, and kind characters in her newest novel The Invisible Husband of Frick Island.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my final installment of Thursday R.E.A.D.s and my deep dive into Sally Hepworth’s The Good Sister. And on Friday, we’re back with adventures with the kids in Growth Chart.

I have a feeling this summer is going to look radically different from last summer, for a variety of reasons, so stick with me, readers. Working through the meaning of “normalcy” during these last stages of the pandemic is going to be a little bit of an adjustment — for everyone — but we can get through it together.

Wear a mask in public.

Get the vaccine.

Wash your hands frequently.

Show a stranger kindness today.

Have a great day and rest of the week!