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Fighting the good things

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Another week has gone by with missed posts. I realize it and know that some of you are wondering what’s going on. Others probably understand that summer vacation often means the boat gets rocked a bit.

Sometimes we’re blessed with an abundance of good things, and that brings with it a new set of challenges — namely, finding time for our life’s passions and goals. This week’s motivational quote deals with just that. Even with an abundance of good things, we must find time to drive forward in the dreams that keep us up at night. For more on this idea, go now to this week’s motivational quote on “A Writer’s Heartbeats.”

You’ll also find this week’s short piece up on the Workshop. It’s a flash piece, so no excerpts today, but it may help offer some clarity on all the good things acting as “obstacles.” :> Find this week’s micro essay on The Write Edge Writing Workshop.

In the middle of the week — yes, yes, I know I promised one book review last week. To make up for it, I’ll give you two. :> Not only will I share my thoughts on Colum McCann’s Letters to a Young Writer, but also I’ll let you know what I think about Kristen Lamb’s The Devil’s DanceFind both reviews this Wednesday on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Next week is the last Monday of the month, which means no writing prompts, but I’ll be sure to post my Spurts this Friday on Growth Chart.

Thanks for your patience, readers! Have a great week!



Staying on track…

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Yes, I’m back on track…for now. :> Staying on track is a constant struggle for a writer who has other people in his/her life. The minute you add a partner, your time gets divided. If you throw kids in the mix, your time gets shredded. Throw in visiting family and friends–who we love dearly and are so glad can come see us–that you’re left with tatters and wondering where to stop and where to start.

Sometimes, though, when we’re pursuing a heart-deep passion that will be with us for life, we just have to take out the time to do it. Those big monuments to our careers in creativity won’t get built with truckloads of materials. Sometimes you can only take out time for one brick. Famous people have plenty to say about this matter. To know more, go now to “A Writer’s Heartbeats.”

Despite having out-of-town company, I managed to steal a few minutes for myself to do some writing. I’m sharing this week’s short story with you on time (!!!). Here’s an excerpt:

He couldn’t help wondering as he entered the tastefully furnished inner study with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves how this newly-elected prime minister would rule. How many lies could go with the least number of people affected. Whether she would balance the nuances of politics with the highly-acclaimed integrity from her campaign.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

I love my Kindle, because it allows me to read and review books long after everyone else has gone to bed. Which is handy when you have people visiting and you can’t spend time during the day reading. This Wednesday I’ll share with you my thoughts on the writing tome Letters to a Young Writer by Colum McCann. You’ll get to know what I thought about these essays on writing in the middle of the week on The Write Edge Bookshelf.

On Thursday I’ll share the new writing prompts I’m considering for next week, and on Friday it’s back to brand new Spurts on Growth Chart.

Have a great week, readers!