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Short story prompts posted!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! My apologies for not letting you know yesterday that my latest book review is up. This week I’ve shared my thoughts on the debut novel Holding by Irish author Graham Norton. Here’s the intro to my review:

An officer in a small Irish town finds himself looking into a mystery that turns into a murder investigation. When he starts to dig for details, however, he realizes that the residents of the town may be hiding more than they’re sharing.

Find out what I thought about the book now on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Also, it’s Thursday: writing prompts! Next week’s prompts include song lyrics and inspiration of a celestial sort. Read the full prompts now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

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Building some momentum

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Hello, Write Edge readers! The kids are going back to school this week, which means I can feel the momentum starting to build. I get to return to a normal routine, and that means more time to write and edit.

We use momentum when we pursue our life’s passions. It’s essential; without it, our passions become simply past-times. For more on that, see the latest motivational quote on “A Writer’s Heartbeats.”

Sometimes even the best of momentum gets us into trouble, especially if we let it take us in the wrong direction. I got to have a little bit of fun with that idea in my latest short piece. Here’s an excerpt from this week’s story:

The Brat Pack had claimed the corner booth, as they always did, but they were down a man. Jack scanned the three faces there and noticed that Tony hadn’t made it in yet. Maybe he was still on the beat. For a cop Tony sure knew how to take it easy when he was off duty.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

In the middle of the week I’ll share a brand new review with you. Come back on Wednesday to find out what I thought about Holding by Irish author Graham Norton. You’ll find that review on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

On Thursday I’ll post new writing prompts for next week, and at the end of the week I’ll share my latest parenting adventures on Growth Chart.

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New book review up!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my latest book review for you. We started the week talking about family and our loved ones, and today’s book tackles a family. Of course, this family has more than enough problems for everyone on your block. Here’s the intro to my review of The Trophy Child by Paula Daly:

A woman determined to turn her child into the symbol of academic and extracurricular perfection goes missing. The detectives on the case must piece together who would want to harm her and figure out whether her tendency to antagonize others may have been her undoing.

I actually borrowed this book from one of the hotels during our recent vacation in Greece. Find out what I thought of the whole thing by going now to The Write Edge Bookshelf!

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