Parenting adventures are back!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m back with my latest parenting post. Here’s a quick excerpt:

From the time the girls were too young to understand the words, I’ve made them repeat a particular sentence after me: Smart girls find a way to fix the problem. As they got older, I forced them to parrot it back like a call-and-response—“Smart girls do what?” I’d demand, and one or both would roll their eyes and intone, with flat words, “Find a way to fix the problem,” the syllables words drawn out to indicate how utterly sick and tired they were of having to repeat the adage.

Read the whole post now on Growth Chart!

Also, my newest episode as host of Biblio Breakdown is out now! Get writing exercises and the idea of mood in your writing within the context of The Ancestor by Danielle Trussoni. Find the full episode here on The Writescast Network!

Have a lovely weekend, readers! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home, and stay hydrated. Don’t forget your masks!


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