And we’re into November!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! Can you believe it, the penultimate month of the year? (I love that word, “penultimate.” It just sounds so fun when you say it. :D) In other words, we’re almost to Thanksgiving. Which is almost to December. And Christmas. And family and good food and time off…and snow. Okay, so maybe I’m not a big fan of everything this time of year has to offer, but there are plenty of good things.

Like good writing. I’ve been going gangbusters on my novel, and I’m having way more fun than should be allowed. I get excited to sit in front of my computer every day, and I’m grinning when I’m done. So, hopefully, if this novel ever gets sold and published, you’ll be able to enjoy all the excitement with me. But in the meantime, I have plenty of other good content to keep you engaged.

First, this week’s motivational quote. I love this in particular, because it’s a reminder that most events in our day are really not going to make or break us. They may discourage us; they may motivate us to shoot higher. But in the end, it’s what we do with those events that determines whether our dreams come true.

“If you get a great review, it’s really thrilling for about ten minutes. If you get a bad review, it’s really crushing for ten minutes. Either way, you go on.”—Ann Patchett

Next, this week’s short story. If you read it, you’ll know that I was having way too much fun envisioning this scenario. I don’t know if my friend in law enforcement would nod his head at the fact that it sounds somewhat plausible or just roll his eyes at me. Either way, it was a blast to write. Here’s an excerpt:

Clara pushed past me and ripped her purse open at the same time. She held up her gun. My heart was pumping so hard, I was afraid I’d die of cardiac arrest right there. Forget the backup, I needed an ambulance.

Read the full story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

On Wednesday, I’ll offer you a brand new book review. This time I’m sharing my thoughts on the upcoming release The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. Find my thoughts in the middle of the week on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

And on Friday, we’re back to Instagram posts. There are some dreary days lined up for Central Illinois this week, as for much of the country, so I hope my posts brighten up your day. Find older Insta-pics with my handle @EktaRGarg or on my Facebook author page (where you’ll also find other fun content that I don’t post anywhere else.)

Have a fantastic week, readers!