Pondering the past

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Hello, Write Edge readers! My apologies for the late start to the week. Ever since we’ve returned from Greece, I’ve found myself thinking of the past. Of the stories I’ve heard and the ones I’m trying to create. Of how to link what has gone behind to what will come ahead.

The internet is full of quotes about this concept, and for that reason I won’t share a motivational quote with you this week. I will, however, jump right into our content right here. First is the short story I wrote based on one of the lost civilizations of the island of Santorini. This story is longer than the ones I normally write, but I still felt it important to share. Here’s an excerpt:

But how can I look? Dymas thought. Right now the earth’s darkness dominates and holds the sun’s power captive. But the higher the sun rises, the stronger it becomes. I can barely look around me at the earth because of its strength of light; how am I supposed to look straight at it and ask for answers?

His father made him feel the same way.

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For today’s book review, I’m sharing my thoughts on a book I picked up while in the fishing town of Plaka on the island of Crete. Part of the book, too, takes place in Plaka, which made the experience of reading it a little surreal. Although it’s an older book, I still wanted to share my thoughts on The Island by Victoria Hilsop. Here’s the opening to the review:

A young woman travels to the island of Crete off the mainland of Greece in search of her ancestral heritage and the answers her mother refuses to give her. She hopes that what she finds there will help her make decisions about her own life challenges. Instead she discovers secrets about her family that come from a world and era unlike her own. British author Victoria Hilsop uses the backdrop of the real-life defunct leper colony in Greece as the location of a sweeping family saga in her award-winning novel, The Island.

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On Monday I’ll share the latest writers showcase, which means no writing prompts for next week. Also, I shared some of our Greek adventures last week on Growth Chart, so do check them out. Then come back this Friday for my latest escapades in parenting.

Thanks for your patience and continued reading, readers! Have a fantastic rest of the week!