Very late posting :>

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Hello, Write Edge readers! Here I am, posting later than I ever have before, but I just had to post my latest parenting adventures for you before finally going to bed. Here’s an excerpt for you this late evening/early morning:

So what do I make of the fact that she’s wearing women’s flip flops too big for even me?

It didn’t help that while we shopped for shoes, Ten looked down at her feet and said, “My feet are just long, that’s all.”

Read the whole Chart now on Growth Chart!



One thought on “Very late posting :>

    Bharat Rawal said:
    June 10, 2017 at 5:35 am

    Interesting. This reminds me of my childhood. I was the shorty in the class till I reached the seventh grade and kids use to comment. Then I grew by six inches in one year by the time I reached the eight grade, and became part of the class average or taller, and other kids were actually concerned that I might be taller than others, and never made any comments again. It should be noted that average height of boys in those days was 5 ft 5 inches and I was taller at 5 ft 7 inches. She is growing up alright.

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