Third (and last) review of the week now up!

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Happy Friday, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my third review for this week. This summer I read a few books by debut authors, and Libby Page is one of them. Her book, The Lido, came out last month. Here’s the opening to my review:

Two women come together for a common cause and form a deep friendship despite the difference in their ages. One enjoys the memories of her past; the other wants to find her future. Both women will find a measure of comfort in the relationship they share in the present even as they fight to save something they love. Author Libby Page charms readers and will leave them smiling with her debut novel The Lido.

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See you back here next week, readers, with new reviews. Have a great weekend, and stay safe!



Second review for this week!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! As promised, I have another review for you. Today I share what I thought about Us Against You by Fredrik Backman, the sequel to his novel, Beartown. Here’s the opening to my review:

The residents of a small town must fight their egos and their loyalties to get past one of the biggest scandals in generations. As their local hockey team, the town’s only saving grace, prepares for the new season, people find new friends and disregard old ones as they decide individually and as a community where to draw the line between right and wrong. In his sequel to his previous novel, Beartown, author Fredrik Backman brings back beloved characters and continues a heart-wrenching story in the slow to start but excellent book Us Against You.

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Have a great day, readers!


Back from summer vacation!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I’ve finally returned from my summer hiatus. I didn’t expect it to last this long, and I missed writing for all of you. I’m glad to be back now.

Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not back to our routine yet. I am going to post book reviews this week and next, to help me get back in the swing of things. We’re finishing up the last couple of weeks of summer break before school starts, so I’m pacing myself and easing back into the blogging world.

In lieu of regular posts, I’m offering you book reviews — several of them. Five full reviews, to be exact, with some mini reviews. What are mini reviews, you might ask? Come back next week to find out!

Meanwhile, I’ve got the first review already lined up for you. Early this summer readers got their hands on the newest B.A. Paris release; her latest thriller, called Bring Me Back, came my way as an Advanced Reviewer Copy. Here’s the opening to my review:

After recovering from the disappearance of the woman he loved, a man begins to receive messages that indicate she might have returned. The man is trying to move on with his life but becomes more and more convinced that someone has other plans. Author B.A. Paris returns with another thriller that will leave readers unsatisfied and shaking their heads in dismay with Bring Me Back.

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I’ll be back on Wednesday with another review. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer fun. See you soon!