New Growth Chart now up!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the latest Growth Chart for you now. Here’s an excerpt:

I hear the voice and I put my own opportunities aside. And I feel envious of the opportunities my children have on a daily basis. Camps. Friends. Running outside to play for an hour. If I go outside and shoot hoops with the kids for that hour, the stove stays cold and at the end of those 60 minutes I have faces staring at me and demanding a meal.

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Ideas for next week’s short story now up!

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Hello again, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the writing prompts I’m considering for next week’s short story. They include time travel that has limitations and a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night. Curious? Want to write along with me? Read all of the prompts now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

Have a great night, readers!


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Second book review up; writing prompts coming

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the second book review for this week for you. Check out an excerpt of my thoughts of Those Girls by Lauren Saft:

Author Lauren Saft reinforces and fortifies every single stereotype people across the country have about the exclusive type of institution her characters attend. In the world of Those Girls parents are nonexistent and leave their teens to do whatever pleases them. The girls at the school indulge in every single vice known to man and don’t mind egging one another on in those indulgences.

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Be on the lookout later today for writing prompts for next week’s short story. Have a great rest of the day, readers!


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