Thinking about fall

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s the last week of September, and we’re jumping into fall. It’s a season for reflection, both ahead and behind. With the weather changing, it’s also a good time to dig deeper into the passions we want to pursue. For more on this, go now to “A Writer’s Heartbeats” for this week’s motivational quote.

It’s the last Monday of the month, which means our writers showcase. This month I found a story that made me chuckle because I know how the writer feels and also a couple of pieces that will keep you wanting more. To read the full stories, read all the featured writers now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop.

In the middle of the week I’ll have not one but two book reviews for you. First, I’ll share my thoughts on Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka. Then come back later in the day to find out what I thought about Something Like Happy by Eva Woods. You’ll find both reviews on Wednesday on The Write Edge Bookshelf.

This Thursday I’ll post writing prompts for next week’s short fiction, and on Friday I’ll share my latest parenting adventures on Growth Chart.

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New parenting adventures posted!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I’m posting my latest parenting adventures for you. Here’s a quick excerpt:

I could see the clarity in her eyes about the incident. She believed her friend’s compliment, and it didn’t really bother her much about what the girls said before. I hope this means we’re at the start of her accepting herself for how she looks.

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Have a fantastic weekend, readers!


New book review posted!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my latest book review for you. Here’s the opening to my post on Pieces of Happiness by Anne Ostby:

Five women in their sixties decide to take up residence on the island of Fiji in a bid for a new phase of life. The friends rely on their ties from high school to buffer them from resistance by their families, but they will also have to find something solid to counter their own doubts about the entire enterprise. Norwegian author Anne Ostby offers American readers…the book Pieces of Happiness.

Read the whole review now on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

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