Back for another Thursday!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m still feeling my way around this new schedule, but I think I’m slowly finding a rhythm for it. It’s starting to free both my creativity and my time for other writing as well as what I want to accomplish here. I’d prefer to be able to post the week’s content first thing in the morning as I’ve done before, but I think I’ll get there. Here’s hoping. :>

In the meantime, on to this week.

I’ve taken a small diversion from my normal writing to try my hand at free verse poetry. (Maybe I was influenced by dynamite editor Rachel Thompson, a lover of lyric fiction and a writer of poetry.) I thought about some news I received recently of a friend who will be moving this summer, and I decided to take the situation and spin it out in something creative. Check out this small portion:

You finished your lunch and gave me a hug,

Telling me you loved me, that we should meet again.


I nodded and agreed, pushing away the hurt.

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This week I share my thoughts on a new YA book. Here’s the opening to my post on This Is Not A Love Letter by Kim Purcell:

When a teen goes missing, his girlfriend refuses to believe he’s run away. Instead she focuses on the positive and begins documenting the search for him, hoping to share it with him when he returns. Author Kim Purcell recounts this tale for teens by using the unusual choice of second person point of view that ultimately weakens her novel This Is Not A Love Letter.

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I’ve also put my latest parenting adventures for you. Find out what happened when my child came to me with a cogent, thoughtful argument on something she wanted and what happened next. Read this quick snippet:

“Mamma,” Nine said to me last week, “I need to talk to you about something.”

I stood at the stove making dinner, so I nodded at her. “Okay, go ahead.”

“No, not right now,” she said, “later, when you come to say good night.”

“Why can’t you talk right now?”

“Because it’s a secret. I don’t want anyone to hear, especially Di-Di or Daddy.”

Find out what happened next on Growth Chart!

Thank you, as always, for your support and continued kindness, readers. You motivate me to keep going. Have a wonderful week!


The experiment continues…

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. I’m continuing my experiment of posting just once a week and offering you a whole week’s worth of posts in one day. Still deciding whether I like it. Some days I do; on others…well, old habits die hard, they say, and sometimes my breath catches in anxiety as I realize I haven’t posted for a whole seven days.

Still mulling over that one.

But, as I said, I’m back with new posts and new content. First, my story. This week’s short fiction got me thinking about another, much longer, project I’m working on. When I picked the prompt, I wanted to try something new. I’m writing in second person for the first time, as opposed to first or third. Here’s a quick excerpt for you:

It’s a shame, really, the whole thing. I certainly wish I could help. Oh, I know, feeding him is something, but you know what I mean. Help in a substantial way. It doesn’t seem right, him paying the price for someone else’s greed and insecurity.

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I’ve posted my newest book review for you. Today I share my thoughts on The Book of Pearl by Timothee De Fombelle. Here’s the opening to my review:

A young man gets sent to the world of ordinary humans, doomed to spend the rest of his life away from his one true love. He does everything he can to go home, but the enemy that chased him away wants him dead. Translators Sarah Ardizzone and Sam Gordon do their best to interpret French author Timothee de Fombelle’s book, The Book of Pearl, but ultimately can’t fill in the blanks of a loose story.

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Lastly, this week’s parenting post, which, I’ll admit, is a little more somber in mood than most of them. This week I share three Spurts where we had some challenges. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite the scary incident, Nine still managed to end her memoir on a somewhat positive note. Her sadness mounted as she watched the truck tow our van away and she saw other people driving around our accident as if it didn’t matter. In the end, though, she said our safety mattered more than anything else.

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Do let me know if you like the amended schedule, readers. I hope you enjoy everything I have lined up for you. Have a great week!


Happy birthday!

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Hello, Write Edge readers! Today’s my birthday — yay! I love my birthday; I share my birthday with one of my best friends from college, so that makes it doubly special. And then the fact that I also share my birthday with the launch of The Write Edge creates triple excitement.

First and foremost, thank you, readers. Thank you for your support, your likes, your comments, your shares. Thank you for spurring me on to do bigger and better things with the blog and for being patient as I experiment in my efforts to improve as a writer. I created The Write Edge and launched it eight years ago today in a conscientious effort to push myself in this amazing craft. With all of you supporting me and reading through the years, I can proudly say I’ve done just that.

So now it’s my turn to give back with our regular content of the week. First up: this past Monday was the last Monday of the month, which means our regular writers showcase. There are several wonderful pieces for you to enjoy and writers for you to support. Check them all out now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

It’s my birthday today (have I mentioned that already? :>) so it only makes sense that I share a review of a book all about birthdays and birthday wishes. This book gives an interesting twist to the idea of what happens when you close your eyes over those candles on your cake. Here’s the opening my review of As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti:

Just before his eighteenth birthday, a teen must make a difficult choice: what to wish for. In a forgotten town in the Mojave Desert, everyone gets one wish and that wish always comes true. Given the unanticipated results of decades of wishes, however, the teen faces his birthday with dread instead of excitement. Author Chelsea Sedoti delights and surprises readers with this interesting premise in her newest novel As You Wish.

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I’ve also posted my latest Growth Chart, and it has as much to do with birthdays as it does with the kids. Check out this excerpt:

Those first steps—those first experiences—will fill that gap eventually. When they’re both adults, it won’t be a gap anymore. It will transform into a stepping stone, something they can each use to cross the threshold into one another’s lives to reminisce about the similarities and the differences in their experiences.

Find the whole post now on Growth Chart!

Thank you once again, readers, for your love, support, and enthusiasm for the blog. Here’s to another great year!