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Hello, Write Edge readers! I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better. As I told my kids this morning, it’s amazing all you can get accomplished when you aren’t languishing on a sofa, bemoaning your fate at the hands of the flu.

But I digress. :>

I realize I didn’t post last week’s Growth Chart; more on that in a minute. First, though, this week’s motivational quote. In the last year or so, I’ve found myself going out of my way to thank people for little kindnesses. Kindness opens the door to so many other positives, including sharing stories. And what happens when you share your stories?

“I believe one way we learn tolerance, understanding, and acceptance is through story.”—Anna Schmidt, romance author

Tolerance and understanding also applies to the facets of our world that can’t fight back with conventional means but that feel the consequences of actions nevertheless. That takes us to this week’s new short fiction, which, I have to say, freaked me out a little (and I’m the one who wrote it, so, you know. Freaked out twice over. :D) Here’s an excerpt:

Most of the growing happened at night, when we could spread faster and farther than in the day. But much of it happened during the day too. In the beginning, no one even glanced at that old building. Many people in town didn’t even drive as far as this edge of town. So we undulated our way across the grass and up the structure.

Read the whole story now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

One of the advantages of being sick (always have to find a bright side, right?) is getting to read a lot. So this week I’ll share a new book review. Find out on Wednesday what I thought about Dead Voices by Katherine Arden by coming back to The Write Edge Bookshelf!

And at the end of the week, you get a bonus: a new Growth Chart and new Insta-pics. Aren’t you all lucky? 😀 See you with all of that on Friday.

Have a great week, readers!



Second book review now up!

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Hello again, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my second book review for you. I’m sharing my thoughts on Long Gone by British author Paul Pilkington. Here’s the opening to my review:

A policeman puzzles over the disappearance of his daughter’s friend, despite his initial misgivings that she’s missing at all. The longer she’s gone, however, the more convinced he becomes that she didn’t leave town of her own accord. After a hiatus, author Paul Pilkington is back with another thriller in the excellent novel Long Gone, the first in a series starring Pilkington’s newest hero, DCI Paul Cullen.

Read the full review now on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Have a great day, readers!


First of two book reviews up!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! First, a moment to remember the lives lost on this day 18 years ago. It’s hard to grasp the concept that so much time has passed, but no matter how much time does #WeWillNeverForget.


I’m sharing with you the first of two book reviews for today. I read Bridge to Us by Jeanne Felfe. Here’s the opening to my review:

A woman finds herself separated from her husband without warning; a man loses his wife in tragic circumstances. When they find their way to one another, they’ll have to decide whether they can forget their pasts and move ahead together. Author Jeanne Felfe leads readers through a sweet albeit anti-climactic love story in Bridge to Us.

Read the entire review now on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

Also, be on the lookout later today for my second review. Have a good day until then!