An abbreviated week

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Hello, Write Edge readers! With the long weekend and with family in town, I’ve found my writing schedule challenged a little bit this week. But my writing — and you, my loyal readers — are never far from my mind, and I’ve brought you much of our content compressed into today and tomorrow.

First, on writing. I don’t write poetry and don’t read it often, and the same goes for nonfiction. I have a deep respect for both forms, but I have a soft spot for fiction and like to think that fiction gives us the freedom to live the lives that arrest our curiosity. Read more about this idea on “A Writer’s Heartbeats”.

I love finding the work of other writers and follow several blogs. Once a month I like to showcase their work in the hopes to boost their readership and share with you more in this wonderful craft we call writing. Visit this month’s showcase now.

Next, take a moment to read the writing prompts I’m considering for next week’s short story. They include a child’s surgery and an odd anniversary. Read the news on The Workshop.

Lastly, be on the lookout tomorrow for the latest in my parenting adventures in the form of Growth Spurts. Check it out tomorrow to round out your week and our last Friday in May.

Next week we go back to our regular schedule. In the meantime have a wonderful weekend, readers!


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Newest Growth Chart now up!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the latest Growth Chart, in which today I share an incident involving profanity. Here’s an excerpt:

Little by little I started to get angry. How dare this boy call my daughter names? Where did he learn language like that? I had half a mind to text his mother right then and there…

Read the whole Chart now!

Have a great weekend, readers!


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New book review now up!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted my latest book review. Here’s an excerpt of my thoughts on The Sound of Glass by Karen White:

Author Karen White captures the landscape and physical beauty of South Carolina in sumptuous details. Her descriptions convey the essence of the book as well as its emotion and become the book’s strongest point. In fact, White managed to bring tears to this former South Carolina native’s eyes. Beaufort features as strongly in The Sound of Glass as any of the characters—maybe a little more so.

Read the whole review now!


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