Filling in the gaps

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I know I owe all of you a few posts. As we get back into the rhythm of the school year, I find myself with the challenge of trying to use my time wisely. To use the gaps in my time to prepare content as regularly as before.

I’m getting there, I promise. I have to keep writing, keep talking to all of you. After all, it’s The Write Edge that gave me the courage to write regularly, then freelance, then publish. See, whenever we pursue a passion for life, we take what we were before into that passion. Then we use that “before” to face what lies ahead. For more on this, go now to this week’s motivational quote on “A Writer’s Heartbeats”.

It’s the last Monday of the August, which means our monthly writers showcase. Want to know what this season of “back to school” holds for some? Need a boost on challenging yourself? Read some new pieces on the showcase now on The Write Edge Writing Workshop.

Tomorrow I’ll share some thoughts on publishing, on editing, and on what I want to accomplish in my writing. Find out more on Prairie Sky Publishing.

In the middle of the week I’ll definitely share with you that book review I promised last week. Find out on Wednesday what I thought of Valley of the Moon by Melanie Gideon. Come back to The Write Edge Bookshelf for that review!

On Thursday I’ll share writing prompts for our Labor Day story, and at the end of the week I’ll share a brand new post on parenting on Growth Chart.

Have a great week, readers!


Writers showcase coming next week

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! My apologies on not posting the last couple of days. I had certainly planned to, but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

In any case, I wanted to remind everyone that next week is our monthly writers showcase. Be sure to check back on Monday to find out what pieces caught my eye this month. And if you know of a fantastic piece writing — or have produced some yourself lately — let me know! I’m always looking to promote others in the writing community.

Have a great day, readers!


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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Here we are, back in the swing of the school year. And while summer still has a few official weeks to go, I feel like fall is peeking over my shoulder. Which means a return to routines and organized chaos…and writing.

I do have a little something to share on that front, but first on to our regular business. Pursuing a life’s passion or goal means giving it your all, which means putting yourself in it a hundred percent. Sometimes those pursuits become cyclical. We find ourselves in our goals and put everything we have in them, thus finding ourselves there again. Writing, because it’s done from and about the heart, really means coming face to face with one’s self time and time again. But sometimes this constant reminder of who we are is a good thing. For more on this, find today’s inspiration quote on “A Writer’s Heartbeats”.

Speaking of writing, I’ve posted this week’s short fiction. Somewhere in this story is a germ of truth — that is, inspiration from a real-life situation. Which makes this week’s motivational quote all the more apropos. Here is an excerpt:

I was the reason the family shattered. Pieces of hearts and lives now spread across the years and memories we all shared. I allowed my own ambitions to propel me around and over and through anything that stood in the way of what I wanted.

Read the whole story on The Write Edge Writing Workshop now!

Tomorrow I’ll share a little bit more on writing. On getting story ideas. And maybe — just maybe — starting something new. Find out more on Tuesday on Prairie Sky Publishing!

On Wednesday I’ll offer you a brand new book review. It’s of a time travel story some people are comparing to the heart-wrenching novel The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Did this new book live up to its comparison? Find out when I share what I thought about Valley of the Moon by Melanie Gideon on The Write Edge Bookshelf!

No writing prompts for next week on Thursday as we gear up for our monthly writers showcase on Monday, but do come back at the end of the week to find out what’s been going on in our house and the latest on parenting Write Edge-style on Growth Chart.

Have a wonderful week, readers!