New Growth Chart now up!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Happy Friday once again! It’s the last Friday of the month; where has February gone?

I have a brand new Growth Chart to share with you. Today I look at using motivating rewards to get the kids to do something…and how it doesn’t always work. Here’s an excerpt:

The funny thing is that even back then the kids didn’t seem too impressed with the stickers. If I have to be perfectly honest, I got way more excited about the stickers than they did. They would watch me put the stickers on our homemade charts, and then they’d skip along to blocks or crayons.

They’ve never really been sticker kids.

Read the whole Chart now!

Have a great weekend, readers!


Story ideas for next week now posted

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the writing prompts I’m considering for next week’s story. They include a mother’s confession, a marriage proposal to make your heart stop, and hidden messages in books. See the full prompts on The Write Edge Writing Workshop!

Have a great week, readers!


New book review up!

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I have a new review to share with you. Today you get to find out what I thought of The Wonders by Paddy O’Reilly. Here’s an excerpt of my review:

Australian author Paddy O’Reilly treats her characters with sympathy and humor. She also keeps them refreshingly real; while Leon accepts his life as a public figure, he does so with reluctance. The book’s aforementioned ambivalence comes in the medical issues that turn the three characters into The Wonders in the first place.

Read the full review now!