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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Today I share with some observations of my children in the latest Chart. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve seen several instances where her nurturing side has come out, and it’s heartwarming to watch. It also makes me wonder how these moments will help both girls in the future. Of course they’ll help Six when she needs assistance with something, but I’m sure they’ll also help Eight in some way.

Read the whole Chart now!

Have a great weekend, readers!


Coming up on Monday…

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! Next week I return to Long Story # 2. To catch up on previous parts on The Write Edge Writing Workshop (or to read them for the first time,) go to Long Story # 2.

Talk to you soon, readers!


Managing our challenges…

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Good morning, Write Edge readers! I hope you’ve had a good weekend and that everyone has dried out from all the rain last week. For our friends on the West Coast, I hope you receive relief soon.

When life brings us challenges out of our control, such as the weather, we should try to re-focus our energy to the things we can manage. Today’s quote has a little something to do with that. To find out what the quote is, go to “A Writer’s Heartbeats” now.

I’ve posted today’s short story so that you can read it and ponder the story right along with me. Here’s an excerpt:

I brushed away the lone tear that had started tracking down my cheek. “I can’t talk to my Aunt Rachel; she’ll just spend the whole time telling me what my mom did wrong.”

“Not her. Your Aunt Sophie.”

I sat quietly for a minute. How could I have forgotten about Aunt Sophie? If anyone would know about a man who proposed to my mother, it would be her twin sister.

For the entire section, click here.

On Thursday I’ll share with you once again Long Story # 2 because we’ll go back to that next week. Curious about the story or anything else I’ve written? Go to The Write Edge Writing Workshop to catch up on any of the stories you might have missed.

At the end of the week we’ll go back to Growth Chart. Come back on Friday for a new Chart on my adventures in parenting!

Have a great week, readers!